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We’re a nation of holiday lovers, with a reported 64% of Britons taking overseas holidays each year. Crucial to any holiday is being able to enjoy yourself with the peace of mind that you won’t be out of pocket or stranded in the event of an unexpected event. Start now and you will be able to find travel insurance tailored to your needs, whether you’re planning a lazy two weeks on the beach or headed for Alpine slopes.

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Your Details

Insurers need to know about the person or persons looking for cover. You will be asked for your name, address, and age, and some details about others in your travel party.

Your Medical History

The cost of your insurance may increase if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Still, insurers will need to know about them so you can get the right type of cover.

Details of Any Other Add-Ons

Detail anything else you need including with your policy, such as gadget or stop-over cover.

What Will Your Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of your travel insurance depends on several factors.

Travel insurance is usually relatively cheap, even if you have pre-existing medical conditions or choose to add several extra features to your plan.

Typically, a single-trip travel insurance policy for an individual with no pre-existing medical conditions will cost less than £20. Those with medical conditions can expect to pay around £40 for cover.

Frequent travellers might consider taking out annual multi-trip travel insurance. For people with no pre-existing medical conditions, this typically costs around £40. Annual travel insurance for those with pre-existing conditions typically costs between £90 and £100.

While these are average prices, be aware that your policy may cost less or significantly more than these figures. Most people travelling abroad from the UK go to Europe, where healthcare is usually free or heavily subsidised for Brits. If you’re visiting a location with a more expensive healthcare system, expect your travel insurance premiums to increase.

How to Get Cheaper Travel Insurance

There is plenty you can do to keep your travel insurance costs as low as possible. Check out our tips below:

Consider Annual Insurance

As we saw above, the cost of annual multi-trip insurance is usually around double that of a single-trip policy. If you travel more than twice annually, then annual cover will usually pay for itself and work out far cheaper.

Check if You Already Have Travel Insurance

Your bank account, credit card, or home insurance policy might already include some elements of travel cover. Check what cover you do have before searching for a policy. You may not need to pay for specific add-ons and other elements of travel insurance that you already have.

Combine Individual Cover into One Policy

If you’re travelling in a group, be that with friends or family, it will usually be cheaper to buy group cover rather than everyone taking out individual policies.

Take Out a Larger Voluntary Excess

As with other insurance types, taking out a larger voluntary excess can help to reduce the cost of your travel insurance premium.

Only Take Out Cover for Where You’re Going

If you only ever take family holidays or business trips to Europe, you don’t need worldwide cover. If you choose the annual cover option, think about where you’re likely to travel to keep your costs down.

Check Personal Belongings Cover

As with travel insurance in general, you might already have an existing product or insurance policy that covers your personal belongings. If your mobile phone insurance covers you for use overseas, you don’t need to pay for gadget cover with your travel insurance!

Check if You Paid for Insurance as Part of a Package Holiday

If you’re going on a package holiday, the overall cost might already include travel insurance. Check your booking documents or ask your travel agent if your package holiday includes travel insurance.

Take Your EHIC If Travelling in Europe

You should take out travel insurance even if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Ensure you take your card with you as it may reduce medical costs. Having your EHIC with you could mean you avoid making a claim and paying your excess.

Shop Around and Compare Travel Insurance with The Money Pig

With so many different travel insurance options available, it pays to shop around and take the time to find the best deal for you. Do that with The Money Pig and save money today!

What Type of Travel Insurance Do I Need?

Most travel insurance policies will provide cover for the same things at a basic level.

Travel insurance usually covers medical treatment, lost or stolen possessions, and cancellations as standard. You will normally be able to select a specific level of cover, which will determine the financial level of cover you have in each circumstance. Different levels of cover might also cover you for different types of trip. Single-trip travel insurance often covers you for 30 days as standard. If you’re taking a longer trip, you will usually be able to get cover for a longer period.

You may also benefit from taking out a specialist type of travel insurance or adding specific features to your package.

Think carefully about the travel insurance you need to ensure you have cover for every aspect of your trip.

It is worth taking out travel insurance either when you book a trip or shortly after, as you will immediately have cover against cancellation.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance is, as its name suggests, the most extensive level of insurance available.

Having fully comprehensive car insurance ensures you’re covered for repair or replacement if your car is damaged in an accident, is broken into or stolen, or catches fire.

You’re also covered for claims made against you for people, passengers, and their car or other property.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the only cover that covers your costs for repairs or if your vehicle is written off due to an accident in which you are at fault.

Not all fully comprehensive car insurance policies are the same, so you should check exactly what is covered before taking out a policy.

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive level of insurance available.
  • You should check your policy details for specific details.
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance is often cheaper than other types.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft Car Insurance

Third party, fire, and theft car insurance covers you for injury and damage to other people, their passengers, their cars and other personal property, as well as if your car is broken into, stolen, or damaged
by fire.

Under a third party, fire, and theft policy, you would not be covered for any damage to your car in the event of an accident that is your fault, meaning you could be left out of pocket. Your insurance will still enable you to claim if your car is damaged and another driver is at fault.

  • Third party, fire, and theft car insurance covers you for injury to others and damage to their car and other personal property.
  • You’re also covered if your car is stolen or in a fire.
  • You’re not covered for car repairs or if your car is written off if an accident is your fault.

Third Party Only Car Insurance

Third party only car insurance is the most basic type of car insurance available, and the minimum cover you must have to legally drive on UK roads. Third party cover is included in both other insurance types, but can be taken out as a standalone product if it is what best meets your needs.

Third party only car insurance covers you for injury or damage to other people, their passengers, their car and other personal property in the event of an accident that is your fault.

You and your car are not covered at all by third party only policies. In the event of an accident that is not your fault, you will be able to claim against the other party’s insurance. However, your insurer usually won’t assist you in making the claim and you may need to pay an external claims handler to regain the costs of repairs or your vehicle in the event of a write-off.

  • Third party only car insurance is the most basic type of policy and the legal minimum cover required to drive on UK roads.
  • Covers third parties, their passengers, their car and other property.
  • Does not cover you or your vehicle irrespective of fault in an accident.
  • Not always the cheapest option despite being the most basic type of car insurance.

Travel Insurance Specifically for Your Needs

The best way to find travel insurance is to focus on cover tailored closely to your needs. Read about some of the specific travel insurance options you will find using our comparison tool below.

European Travel Insurance

European travel insurance will usually cover trips to any country within the European Union. European travel insurance policies may also cover non-EU countries geographically within Europe, African countries on the Mediterranean coast, and even Cape Verde.

European Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance is the ideal cover for things like the annual family holiday. If you only expect to make one trip this year, be that for business or pleasure, single trip travel insurance is the cheapest option.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance policies cover you for any trips you take within the policy period. If you plan to travel to numerous destinations or will be travelling outside the UK more frequently than twice a year, annual travel insurance will usually be cheaper. Having annual cover will remove the need to shop around for cover frequently.

Annual Travel Insurance

Global Travel Insurance

If your travels take you outside of Europe and to further-flung destinations around the world, global travel insurance will cover you for your trips overseas. Remember not to take out global travel insurance if you’re only going to Europe and check the countries that European policies will cover. Global travel insurance excluding North America and the Caribbean is available if you won’t be visiting these areas and will be cheaper than a fully inclusive global policy.

Global Travel Insurance

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, winter sports travel insurance will not only cover the additional risk of injury and potentially needing medical treatment but will cover your skis, snowboard, clothing, and other equipment against damage or lost in transit.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Adventure Holiday Travel Insurance

If you’re taking an adventure holiday or a backpacking trip that will see you away for longer, then you’ll need specialist insurance. In addition to being covered for a longer period, adventure holiday insurance will also cover the potentially increased risk of injury and requiring treatment, and any equipment against damage or loss in transit.

Adventure Holiday Travel Insurance

Families & Groups Travel Insurance

For groups, it will normally work out cheaper to take out travel insurance for everyone under one policy. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions must still declare these. If there is such a person in your party, they may be better off having travel insurance as an individual.

Families & Groups Travel Insurance

Cruise Trip Insurance

Cruise trip insurance includes the standard features of travel insurance, with additional cover for issues that are specific to cruise holidays. Cruise trip insurance will cover things like cabin confinement, missed boats, and evacuation if you fall ill and need to go to a hospital on land.

Cruise Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Travel insurance can be more difficult to find when you’re older, as some insurers place age limits on policies. At a minimum, you will likely find the cost of travel insurance increases as you get older, so make sure you shop around or look for specialist seniors cover.

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cover

You always need to declare pre-existing medical conditions for any travel insurance package. Some insurers specialise in providing specific coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cover

Add-Ons, Benefits, and Useful Features for Your Travel Insurance

Many insurers offer add-ons and benefits for travel insurance packages. These are sometimes included in your policy as standard or added at an extra cost on the assumption you will need it. There may also be other benefits and features that are worth having but not included as standard. We highlight some of these below. Remember to check your existing products and insurance policies for what cover you do have and consider the benefits of having specific add-ons.

Gadget Cover

Many insurers offer gadget cover both as an individual product as well as an add-on for your travel insurance. It is worth buying as an add-on, as you can then be confident you have cover for your gadgets while you travel. Gadget cover normally only covers a limited number of gadgets. Gadget cover will also have a set claim limit, so groups may need to organise gadget cover individually for their devices.

Scheduled Airline Failure Cover

Scheduled airline failure cover will help you to get your money back or return home if your airline goes into administration or out of business. If you have not yet travelled, your cover will pay back the cost of your flights, allowing you to book an alternative if you booked flights separately from the rest of your trip. If you’re already in a destination, your insurance will cover the costs of alternative return flights home. Some insurers cover this as standard, although you may not need it if you have booked an ATOL protected package holiday.

Activity Cover

Many travel insurance packages will cover things like hiking, trekking, and walking if they’re something you do while on holiday. However, if you are taking a specific hiking holiday, or a trip centred around an activity such as walking, climbing, or mountaineering, you will need specialist cover. If you take out travel insurance to cover these activities, you should beware of the common exclusions. Such exclusions typically relate to injuries that occur if you’re not wearing safety gear or under the supervision of an instructor.

Stop-Over Cover

If you’re taking a long-haul trip, you might have a stop-over between flights. Stop-over cover insures you in the same way travel insurance does. Stop-over cover will treat your stop-over location as a specific destination, meaning you don’t have to spend hours just hanging around the airport.

This content is for editorial purposes only and is not intended as advice.