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Compare Motorhome Insurance Quotes in a Matter of Minutes

To get your personalised motorhome insurance quotes, all you need to do is provide a handful of details and you’ll be on your way to being covered. You will be asked about:


You will need to fill in a few details, including your name, age, address, and what you do for a living.

Your Motorhome

Simply answer some questions about the make and model of your motorhome.

How You Use Your Motorhome

To show you the most relevant motorhome insurance quotes, you will need to detail about how you use your motorhome.


Where you park your motorhome at night and the security features your motorhome has can make a big difference to your overall premium so we’ll need to ask about those.

Any Modifications Made to Your Motorhome

Custom modifications can make your motorhome more desirable to potential thieves, as well as potentially being more difficult and more expensive to repair, so we’ll need to know about any changes you or a previous owner has made to your vehicle.

No Claims Discount and Memberships

Even if you’re insuring a motorhome for the first time, you may be able to benefit from cheaper insurance if you have built up several years of no claims bonus for your car. We’ll also ask if you’re a member of a caravan or motorhome club, as this may reduce the price you pay for motorhome insurance, too.

What Will Your Motorhome Insurance Cost?

The cost of your motorhome insurance policy will depend on a wide range of factors, including your personal circumstances, how you use your motorhome, and the type of motorhome you have.

Typically, the cost of motorhome insurance is between £250 and £400 per year for most motorhome owners and drivers. The cost of your motorhome insurance may be cheaper or more than this depending on usage habits and the type of motorhome you have, while if you live in your motorhome for extended periods you may also need an enhanced level of contents cover to insure your belongings.

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How to Get Cheaper Motorhome Insurance

Even if your circumstance mean you’re able to get relatively cheap motorhome insurance, you will be able to enjoy further savings by following our tips.

Improve Security

When you own a motorhome, both the driver cabin and the living area may be desirable to thieves, irrespective of whether you live in the motorhome or use it exclusively as a vehicle. Additional locks, alarms, and wheel clamps can help to make your motorhome more secure.

Keep Your Motorhome Somewhere Secure

Doing something as simple as keeping your motorhome on your driveway instead of on the road can make your vehicle more secure and reduce your insurance premiums. If you only occasionally use your motorhome then consider keeping it in secure storage when not being used.

Get Specialist Cover for Customised Motorhomes

Whether you or a previous owner customised elements of your motorhome, or you have built your motorhome yourself from scratch, insuring it as a regular motorhome can be more expensive, and will work out cheaper if you opt for a specialist policy.

Join Caravan and Motorhome Clubs

Some insurers offer cheaper insurance to motorhome owners who are members of caravan clubs. If you haven’t already joined a club, it might be worth joining the Caravan and Motorhome Club or the Camping and Caravanning Club. In addition to cheaper motorhome insurance, you’ll get a range of benefits from being a member of these clubs.

Avoid Unnecessary Add-Ons

We’ll show you about potential add-ons you might want to include in your motorhome insurance, as well as highlight what different insurers can offer, but you should only take the features you need, as unnecessary add-ons can quickly make your insurance costs grow.

Pay Annually

When you pay for your motorhome insurance annually rather than on a monthly basis, you avoid paying interest as well as other finance costs.

Maintain a Clean Driving History

Drivers with a clean driving history with no major convictions and years of no claims will be able to enjoy significantly cheaper motorhome insurance premiums.

Shop Around and Compare with The Money Pig

Ensure you shop around for your motorhome insurance quotes and take the time to compare deals with The Money Pig. Whether you’re looking for motorhome insurance for the first time or are looking for an alternative to renewing with your current provider, we’ll help you find the best policy for your needs.

What Type of Motorhome Insurance do I Need?

The type of motorhome insurance you need and the level of cover you take out will depend on a combination of how you use your motorhome and the type of cover you want.

Much like car insurance, you can take out motorhome insurance that covers:

  • Commuting only, where you’re covered for driving to and from a single place of work.
  • Personal business use, which will cover you for driving to and from work as well as to meetings at other locations, or to go about your business if you’re self-employed.
  • Social, domestic, and pleasure use, which will cover your motorhome when you’re out and about or taking holidays in your motorhome. Some insurers won’t include commuting to and from a single place of work when it comes to motorhome insurance, as they might do for cars, so you should check this before taking out a policy.

You should also note that insuring your motorhome for personal business use will not automatically give you goods in transit cover. If you are planning to use your motorhome for providing courier services, for example, then you will need to take out specific insurance to cover this.

As well as choosing what usage you want to be covered for, you will also need to choose between fully comprehensive, third party, fire, and theft, or third party only insurance cover for your motorhome.

Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance

Fully comprehensive motorhome insurance is the most extensive level of motorhome cover available in the United Kingdom.

A fully comprehensive motorhome insurance policy will ensure that you are covered for repair costs if your vehicle is damaged or written off as a result of an accident or a fire, is broken into, or stolen. Fully comprehensive cover also covers you for damage to other vehicles or injuries that occur to individuals as a result of an accident where you are at fault. Even if you have a fully comprehensive motorhome policy, you will still only be covered under the specific usage terms you have specified, so you should ensure you have the exact level of cover you need for the things you use your motorhome for.

A fully comprehensive motorhome insurance policy is the only cover that will enable you to claim repair or total loss costs in accidents where you are at fault.

  • Fully comprehensive motorhome insurance is the most extensive type of policy available in the UK.
  • Fully comprehensive motorhome insurance is usually the cheapest level of cover available.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft Motorhome Insurance

Third party, fire, and theft motorhome insurance will cover your vehicle if it is stolen, broken into, or is damaged or destroyed as the result of a fire. You will also be covered for damage to other vehicles and injuries to others.

A third party, fire, and theft motorhome insurance policy will not cover you for repairs to your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident that is your fault, but you’ll be able to claim against a third party’s insurance if your motorhome is damaged in an accident that isn’t your fault.

  • A third party, fire, and theft motorhome insurance policy will cover you for damage to vehicles and injuries caused to others in accidents where you are at fault.
  • Your motorhome will be covered if it’s stolen, broken into, or damaged or destroyed as the result of a fire.
  • You’ll be liable for your repair costs if you’re involved in an accident and you’re at fault.

Third Party Only Motorhome Insurance

Third party only motorhome insurance is the most basic level of cover. It is also the minimum level of cover you must have by law to drive your motorhome on UK roads.

A third party only policy will only cover you for damage to other vehicles and property, or injury caused to others, in accidents where you are at fault. For accidents where you are not at fault, you will usually need to make your own claim against the third party’s insurance yourself or instruct an external claims handler to do this if your insurer does not offer to help.

  • Third party only motorhome insurance is the minimum level of insurance required to drive on UK roads. It is also the most basic level of motorhome insurance available.
  • Your policy will only cover you for damage to other vehicles, property, and injuries caused to others. You will not be covered if your motorhome is stolen, broken into, or damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • You usually won’t be covered yourself in the event of an accident. If you’re at fault, you will need to cover your own repair or replacement motorhome costs. If you’re not at fault, you will usually need to pay an external claims handler to pursue a claim on your behalf.
  • A third party only motorhome policy will often be the most expensive type of cover, despite being the most basic insurance available.

Motorhome Insurance Specifically for Your Needs

While a regular motorhome insurance policy is enough for most motorhome owners, specialist policies are available that will help you find insurance that is better tailored to your needs. Specialist policies are available like those below:

Specialist Motorhome Insurance
for Customised or Self Built Motorhomes

Insuring a customised or self-built motorhome with a regular policy can be more expensive. Customised motorhomes are both potentially more desirable to thieves as well as being more difficult to repair due to the scarcity or uniqueness of parts. Specialist motorhome policies tailored for customised or self-built motorhomes might offer you cheaper cover if you have such a vehicle.

Specialist Motorhome Insurance
for Customised or Self Built Motorhomes

Over 50’s Motorhome

Drivers in their 50’s will have built up extensive driving experience and may also be more likely to own a motorhome, particularly for taking holidays. If you’re over 50, have years of no claims and are looking to use your motorhome more regularly either for everyday use or for taking holidays, we can help you to find a tailored policy.

Over 50’s Motorhome

Additional Benefits and Features for Your Motorhome Insurance

When searching for your motorhome insurance quotes, you’ll find that many policies come with additional benefits and features included as standard. However, it may be worth searching for policies that don’t include things you don’t need, as these will usually work out cheaper, while also ensuring you don’t pay twice for a product you already have. Even if you do decide you would like additional features to enhance your motorhome insurance, it may be cheaper to buy these separately. We’ve highlighted some of the most common add-ons associated with motorhome insurance below.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is one of the most common add-ons for any vehicle insurance and is the benefit most likely to be included with policies as standard. Breakdown cover itself can range from simple roadside assistance to recovery and onward travel cover. If you join the Caravan and Motorhome Club or the Camping and Caravanning Club to get cheaper insurance, membership of either of these will usually give you access to complimentary roadside assistance, too, so you may not need it with your insurance.

European Cover

Your motorhome insurance policy will usually cover you for driving in most European countries as well as in the UK. While you should check your policy to confirm, it may be worth taking out additional European cover with your motorhome insurance, as this will add breakdown cover for when you’re on the continent and additional benefits.

Legal Expenses and Assistance Cover

Having legal expenses and assistance cover could help you to make a claim for damages or injury following an accident, irrespective of fault. Prior to taking out legal expenses and assistance cover, it is worth checking what exactly will be covered and how this will be administered. Your cover will have a specific claim limit, while insurers will typically only cover claims when they feel you’re likely to be successful.

Personal Accident Cover

While some motorhome insurance policies will cover your personal possessions, you may need to add this cover to your policy yourself. Personal possessions cover will ensure you can claim for anything stolen or damaged during a break-in. If you will spend time living in your motorhome and have household items such as a television or games console in your vehicle, then you should ensure you have an adequate level of personal possessions cover.

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