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About Your Motorbike

Fill out the make, model, and registration of your motorbike, as well as where you will keep the bike when it isn’t being ridden.

How You Use Your Motorbike

Fill out whether you use the motorbike for social, domestic, pleasure, or business purposes.

How Many Miles You Do Per Year

Estimate how many miles you expect to drive on your motorbike over the next 12 months.

About Any Modifications to Your Motorbike

You need to declare any modifications or upgrades to your vehicle, including heated handlebar grips, uprated exhausts, and the addition of a luggage rack.

How Much Your Motorbike is Worth

Detail the value of your bike so insurers know how much they’re covering you for. If you’re not sure what your motorbike is worth, you may be provided with an estimate based on the details you provide.

What Will Your Motorbike Insurance Cost?

A combination of several factors will determine the cost of your motorbike insurance. Ultimately, insurers will offer you a price based on their perception of how likely you are to make a claim against your policy.

In addition to the common factors that influence all vehicle insurance quotes, like your age, level of experience, and usage, the price of your motorbike insurance will also be heavily influenced by the type of bike you’ll be riding, engine size, and where you’ll be keeping the motorbike when not in use and overnight. Powerful and expensive motorbikes can see their insurance premiums rocket if they’re kept on the road or on a drive rather than in a garage or another locked, secure space.

As with other types of vehicle insurance, you can typically expect to pay more for motorbike insurance if you’re a young or inexperienced rider.

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How to Get Cheaper Motorbike Insurance

While motorbike insurance can be expensive, particularly for younger or inexperienced riders, there are several tips that anyone can use to reduce their premiums.

Buy an Older, or Smaller Engine, Bike.

Older bikes and those with smaller engines are usually less powerful than modern motorbikes. This reduces your perceived risk to insurers and will bring down the price of your insurance.

Try to Avoid Performance Modifications

Not only do modifications make your motorbike more expensive to repair, they make it more attractive to thieves, especially if you’ve made obvious performance modifications and improvements. Try to keep your bike as factory standard where possible.

Limit Your Mileage if You Can

The more miles you do on your motorbike, the higher the price your insurance is likely to be. Consider how you use your bike and whether it’s your main vehicle or more a recreational one.

Pay for Your Motorbike Insurance Annually

When you pay for your motorbike insurance annually, you’ll avoid paying interest and any additional finance charges.

Keep Your Motorbike as Secure as Possible

Plan to keep your motorbike in a garage or another secure location overnight and consider fitting a Thatcham approved alarm or lock if your bike doesn’t already have one.

Take an Advanced Motorbike Riding Course

An advanced motorbike riding course can help you to develop new skills and gain experience, while giving you a certification to help you reduce the cost of your insurance.

Only Pay for the Insurance Cover You Need

Optional extras for motorbike insurance can often seem attractive, but you should consider both whether you really need them, and if you do, whether you can buy them cheaper separately, which is often the case.

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What Type of Motorbike Insurance Do I Need?

The specifics of what you’re covered for will depend on the type of motorbike insurance cover you choose, as well as any additional benefits and features. When choosing motorbike insurance, it is recommended that you take the time to consider which cover is best for you, and don’t simply choose the cheapest.

It is a legal requirement to have motorbike insurance in the UK. It is important that as well as insuring the motorbike, that you ensure you are insured to ride it, and aren’t riding a bike above your motorbike licence grade. Failure to have any or the correct insurance for your motorbike or yourself is a criminal offence, punishable by a maximum fine of £300 and six points added to your licence.

An outline of the different types of motorbike insurance available in the UK is below.

Fully Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance is the most extensive level of cover available to riders in the UK.

If you take out a fully comprehensive motorbike insurance policy, you’re covered for damage to your motorbike in the event of an accident, if your bike is stolen or damaged by vandalism, or catches fire. Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance will also cover you for claims made against you by others.

Having a fully comprehensive motorbike insurance policy is the only way to ensure you are covered for damages or a written-off vehicle if you’re at fault for an accident.

While all fully comprehensive insurance policies will cover the same general points, you should still check the specifics of a policy prior to taking out cover.

  • Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance is the most extensive cover available in the UK.
  • It is recommended you check your specific policy and insurer for full details of what’s covered.
  • Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance will often be the cheapest cover, despite being the most extensive.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft Motorbike Insurance

Third party, fire, and theft motorbike insurance covers you for injuries and damages to third parties, other vehicles, and if your motorbike is stolen, vandalised, or catches fire.

Third party, fire, and theft policies will not cover you for any damage to your motorbike in accidents where you are at fault. You can still make a claim against a third party’s insurance in accidents where you’re not at fault.

  • Third party, fire, and theft motorbike insurance covers you for injuries and damages to third parties and their vehicles.
  • You’re also covered if your motorbike is stolen, vandalised, or catches fire.
  • You’re not covered for repairs or if your motorbike is written off in an accident you’re at fault for.

Third Party Only Motorbike Insurance

Third party only motorbike insurance is the most basic level of cover available in the UK. As a minimum, you must have third party only cover to legally ride your motorbike in the UK.

Third party only motorbike insurance covers you for injuries and damages to third parties, and their vehicles and other property, in accidents where you are at fault.

If you take out a third party only policy then your motorbike will not be covered at all. If you and your motorbike are involved in a non-fault accident, you can still claim against the third party’s insurance, but your insurer is not guaranteed to assist you in making the claim, meaning you could incur additional costs by needing to instruct an external claims handler.

  • Third party only motorbike insurance is the most basic level of cover and a legal requirement.
  • These policies cover third parties, their vehicles and their property.
  • You and your motorbike will not be covered if there’s an accident, no matter who is at fault.
  • While this is the most basic level of motorbike cover, it won’t always be the cheapest.

Motorbike Insurance Specifically for Your Needs

If you need a specific type of specialist motorbike insurance, you will be shown the correct policy for your needs. Some of the different types of specialist motorbike insurance you can find are detailed below.

Moped and
Scooter Insurance

Although mopeds and scooters are typically cheap to buy and insure, if you’re under 25 and/or it’s your first bike, you can still expect to pay higher premiums. Some motorbike insurers offer policies specifically tailored to riders with these vehicles that are available to all age groups.

Moped and
Scooter Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Sports motorbikes are built for performance and speed. As well as being riskier to ride, they are also more attractive to potential thieves. As such, premiums for sports motorbikes will typically be more expensive, but we’ll help you find the best specialist policy for your bike.

Motorbike Insurance


Supermoto bikes are increasingly popular with individuals who want to get multiple uses out of their motorbike on both a practical and a pleasurable level. As you may be using your motorbike both to commute and as an off-road vehicle, finding the correct policy can sometimes be difficult. We’re here to help.


Motorbike Insurance

Although classic motorbikes are typically of high value, they also tend to be well-looked after and ridden less, which can bring the cost of premiums down. You still want to be covered for repairs and replacements parts though, and you can find a suitable classic motorbike insurance policy with us.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Built for comfort and convenience more than speed, if you’re buying a touring motorbike, you’re probably going to cover a significant distance in it. We’ll help you find a suitable level of cover whether you’re planning on touring at home or abroad.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Off-road motorbikes are often used in competition and thus can be expensive to insure. These motorbikes are also likelier to have been modified for performance reasons which can also drive up the price of insurance.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

Cruisers tend to be larger bikes, modelled on legendary brands such as Harley Davidson. You might even ride a Harley yourself! Cruisers tend to be customised and heavily modified, which can make the insurance more expensive. You can find a suitable policy for cruiser with us.

Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance

A “chopper” is any type of motorbike that has been modified from its factory standard. As such, you may need specific insurance cover if you have a different engine or bodywork modifications and can find a suitable policy here.

Motorbike Insurance

Additional Benefits and Features for Your Motorbike Insurance

When looking for the best motorbike insurance for your needs, you will likely find many policies that include a selection of benefits and features as standard. Some insurers will offer these but at an additional cost, although you should check whether you really need them before adding them and check if you could buy them as separate products elsewhere. It is recommended you be wary of add-ons as they can make seemingly cheap motorbike insurance become more expensive very quickly.

Pillion Cover

If you’re planning on carrying passengers on your motorbike, you will be required to have pillion cover, even if you will only carry passengers occasionally. If you do not have pillion cover and carry passengers on your bike, you may invalidate your policy, while if you have an accident while carrying a passenger you can be held personally liable for any injuries.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover ensures you and your motorbike can be recovered to your home or a garage if you breakdown or are involved in an accident. Your breakdown cover may only cover basic roadside assistance, or cover your costs for recovery, onward journeys, and even travel costs incurred while your motorbike is being repaired. Breakdown cover is usually included in motorbike insurance policies as standard, but you should check the specifics of what is covered to ensure you have the relevant level of breakdown cover.

Helmets and Leathers Cover

Motorbike helmets and leathers can be expensive to buy and replace, so it is worth looking into adding this feature to your insurance cover. While named helmets and leathers cover, your policy will usually cover you for any boots, gloves, and other protective gear irrespective of whether it is leather or not. Helmets and leathers cover usually covers damage and not theft. It is recommended you cover yourself against theft of these items through your home insurance policy.

Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover is designed to help you claim compensation if you’re injured in a motorbike accident that is your fault. The cover would help you to reclaim any loss of earnings, for example, if you needed to take time off work. In cases where you are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you would claim against the third party’s insurance for any personal injury or loss of earnings. It is recommended you check and are happy with claim limits before taking out personal accident cover, as these will vary between insurers.

Legal Assistance & Expenses Cover

Legal assistance and expenses cover could help you to claim following an accident that wasn’t your fault. You can also use this cover to help protect yourself against personal injury and other claims brought against you if you are at fault in an accident. Note that having this cover is not a guarantee that your insurer will pay out, as if they’re advised by lawyers that a case is unlikely to succeed, they can choose not to cover the costs of a claim or a defence. Claim limits may vary so ensure you check and are happy with them prior to taking out legal assistance and expenses cover.

Sidecar Cover

Not all insurers offer sidecar cover, however if you have a sidecar you can usually choose to insure it as a separate accessory to your motorbike or include it in the overall value and insurance cover of the bike itself. Some insurers also offer specialist cover for self-build sidecars.

Riding Abroad Cover

Different motorbike insurers offer differing levels of cover for riding abroad, while some policies differ in terms of the number and duration of trips overseas that you’re able to take. Whether you own a cruising motorbike or another type of bike, if you’re planning on riding abroad you should look for a suitable policy that meets your needs.

Lost & Stolen Keys Cover

Lost and stolen motorbike keys can cost a lot of money to replace, especially for newer bikes where the keys are loaded with technology. Add this to your policy to allow you to claim back costs if you need to replace your motorbike keys.

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