With over 4 million people overpaying on broadband deals and 71% of Brits unhappy with their level of savings. It’s crucial to get a grasp on your monthly expenses and switching your broadband and tv deal can provide significant monthly savings for the average UK household.

To help you save money and get the best possible service, The Money Pig have put together a live broadband comparison table, updated in real time so that you never miss out on the latest broadband deals.

Using The Broadband Comparison Table

Finding the right broadband deal is specific to the customers needs. Whether your main goal is cheap broadband or you are hell bent on getting the fastest fibre broadband deals for online gaming, using the filter on the left is the best way to find the best broadband package for you. You can filter the results by speed, contract length, usage and of course monthly cost.

If you are interested in broadband only deals, broadband and tv deals or broadband and phone deals. Then you should use the blue tabs at the top of the broadband comparison table. When the tab is orange, it means that is the current tab that you are on.

Remember, if you use the filter make sure you click ‘Apply Filters’ to sort the results.

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Broadband Only Deals

Vodafone Broadband Deal

Vodafone Broadband Only Deal | Unlimited Broadband | 63Mbps Average Speed | 18m contract | £0 Upfront Cost

£21.95 Per Month

Sky Broadband And Tv Deal

Sky Broadband Superfast | 59Mbps Average Speed | Unlimited Usage | 18m contract | Upfront Cost: £19.95 | FREE Gift: New Customers Save £10 On Set Up Fees

£25.00 Per Month

BT Broadband Deal

BT Broadband Only Deal | Unlimited Broadband | 50Mbps Average Speed | FREE Gift: £80 BT Reward Card | 24m contract | £9.99 Upfront Cost

£28.99 Per Month

Broadband Deals In My area

To make sure that the broadband deals are available in your area, enter your postcode into the postcode finder at the top of the comparison tool

Cheap Broadband

If you’re looking for cheap broadband that still delivers then these providers below bring together quality and affordability. Below are the three cheapest broadband deals available this month.

Post Office Broadband Deal

Post Office Broadband Only Deal | Unlimited Broadband | 11Mbps Average Speed | 12m contract | £0 Upfront Cost

£15.90 Per Month

Now Broadband Only Deal

Now Broadband Only Deal | Brilliant Broadband | 11Mbps Average Speed | 12m contract | £0 Upfront Cost

£18.00 Per Month

Origin Broadband Deal

Origin Broadband Only Deal | Unlimited Broadband | 11Mbps Average Speed | 18m contract | £0 Upfront Cost | 36Mbps for price of 11Mbps for the first 3 months

£17.90 Per Month

Best Broadband and Tv Deals | May 2020

Below are the The Money Pig’s top picks for combined broadband and Tv deals available this month.

Sky Broadband And Tv Deal

Sky Tv | Sky Broadband Superfast | Over 300 Channels | 59Mbps Average Speed | Unlimited Usage

£37.00 Per Month

Virgin Media Broadband And TV Deal

Bigger Bundle + Sports HD | Very fast 108Mbps | Unlimited Usage | 12m Contract | Free Gift: £125 bill credit or 16-bottle Virgin Wines Selection.

£65.00 Per Month

Now Broadband TV And Broadband Deal

Super Fibre +NOW TV Entertainment Pass | 63Mbps | Unlimited Usage | 12m Contract | Free Gift: Save 33% on NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

£33.99 Per Month

Which Broadband Deals Do We Compare?

We compare all of the top providers. At present we currently compare the following: Sky, Virgin, BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, EE, Direct save telecom, Gigaclear, Hyperoptic, John Lewis Broadband, Now Broadband, Onestream, Origin, Post Office, Shell Energy Broadband and Vodafone.

Broadband Deals - Choosing The Right Package For You

If you are a little overwhelmed with the amount of different broadband deals out there, don’t worry. Just break it down to simple needs. Below are our recommendation of what you should consider.


Think about how fast you really need it. If its just you at home and your needs are basic, you don’t need super fast broadband. But if you have a big family, you are constantly streaming and downloading from the internet, then you need to get a provider that delivers on that front.


Of course, getting the right monthly cost is a huge factor and that’s the whole point of our site. Finding you the best broadband deal and the best cost. Simple broadband can be between £11-16 per month. But again it really depends what you need. Sky, Virgin and BT offer some great broadband and Tv deals so be sure to use the filter when comparing packages.

Contract Term

If you rent and need to be flexible, opting for a 12 month contract maybe be better for you. So make sure you sort the grid to show 12 month deals only. However, if you’re happy with where you live, you may get cheaper broadband by going for an 18 month contract.


A lot of companies offer great joining on offers these days and they change all the time. We include them on our compare broadband table and is something for you to consider if all other things are equal

Upload Speed

If you are a Youtuber and you are constantly uploading videos to the web, then you may want to also consider upload speeds. Obviously for you, the faster the better.

Unlimited Usage

Nobody wants to be told they have a data download limit and by the looks of things, these seemed to be getting phased out by broadband providers. However always check to see that your downloads are unlimited

TV and Phone

If this is important to you, then you should use the broadband and tv tab to filter through the best current deals. Using our filter you can also choose what channels are important to you.

Broadband Questionnaire

Too much choice? Answer the 5 questions below and we will show you the best broadband providers specifically matched to your answers.

Broadband FAQ’s

The best broadband deal is completely dependent on your requirements and your budget. By using the filter on the broadband comparison table, you can organise the results to show exactly what you need from a broadband provider. If a tv bundle is important to you, make sure to browse the broadband and tv deals tab.

To find the cheapest broadband, use the filter and sort by price low to high. Currently the very cheapest is offered by The Post Office at £15.90, however deals change all the time so be sure to check our real time broadband comparison tool, to ensure you get the best deal before yours is up.

At present, the only broadband supplier to provide broadband without line rental is Virgin Media. This is because it has it’s own fibre network which is separate from BT’s.

Broadband, simply put, is a high speed internet connection. Usually 265 Kbps or greater.