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Home Insurance

Secure your most prized possessions in minutes
Keep your home and belongings safe with first-class home insurance, and save up to £91*

SIM Only Deals

This Month’s Best SIM Only Deals
Compare the best SIM only deals in march 2020

Mortgage Overpayment Calculator

Mortgage Overpayment Calculator for you
The main goal is to repay the debt early, therefore reducing the amount of interest owed.

Pet insurance

Save up to 66% on your pet insurance*

  • Save up to 66% on your pet insurance*
  • Insure all your pets and get multi-pet discounts
  • Compare quotes from over 25 providers


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“Fast and friendly site, I go there every time now I need a new deal. I just got an amazing Samsung S20! It's always good to have alternatives to the biggest comparison sites, I think it's good to shop around to find the best deal”

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“At first I used The Money Pig to get a better deal on my car insurance. But I find myself reading their blog every week and have just started matched betting as a result, and what a result! Over £1,000 in my first month!”

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“Love this site. I used to mortgage overpayment calculator and I couldn't believe how much interest I can save and how many years I can shave off my mortgage by paying a few extra hundred quid a month”

Paul J